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12288445818345 mins agomintMinterout2c25d167....dfc503101,000 LIB0 LIB
12287445705157 mins agomintMinterout38d23366....604ca7fa275.514 LIB0 LIB
122864451880917 mins agomintMinterout8d15e000....637e46fa100 LIB0 LIB
122854451705217 mins agomintMinterout8d15e000....637e46fa1,000 LIB0 LIB
122844451041618 mins agomintMinteroutf7a5e9ca....2c8a9f0a100 LIB0 LIB
122834450721919 mins agomintMinterout0d19a500....3e16b967379,275,400 LIB0 LIB
122824450689719 mins agomintMinteroute792128b....7f3b80711,000 LIB0 LIB
122814450260720 mins agomintMinterout0d19a500....3e16b96719,637,700 LIB0 LIB
122804447144926 mins agomintMinteroutc014bb5c....a1e00e41100 LIB0 LIB
122794446038228 mins agomintMinterout72eac7a7....2982dcb5500,000.5 LIB0 LIB
122784445669928 mins agomintMinterout0d19a500....3e16b9676,546,500 LIB0 LIB
122774445107229 mins agomintMinterout72eac7a7....2982dcb53,000.5 LIB0 LIB
122764444013231 mins agomintMinterout72eac7a7....2982dcb5100,000 LIB0 LIB
122754443653132 mins agomintMinterout72eac7a7....2982dcb5500 LIB0 LIB
122744443521932 mins agomintMinterout544d47f9....81e5c2b8652,874 LIB0 LIB
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