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Libra 1,118 LIB

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2 1118 LIB

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13,339 2257.585 B LIB

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# TX ID Expiration Time Type From To Amount TX Fee
1334015592few secs agomintMinterout0a91671b....5eb6e85f1,600 LIB0 LIB
1333915591few secs agomintMinterout58409366....5805b779999,999,999 LIB0 LIB
1333815590few secs agomintMinteroutd13be265....9ae1d7d53,200 LIB0 LIB
1333715589few secs agomintMinteroutfd622635....3ce8ed9c20 LIB0 LIB
1333615588few secs agomintMinterout0a91671b....5eb6e85f800 LIB0 LIB
1333515587few secs agomintMinteroutc50a095b....71a08a14999,999,999 LIB0 LIB
1333415586few secs agomintMinterout0a91671b....5eb6e85f400 LIB0 LIB
1333315585few secs agomintMinteroutfd622635....3ce8ed9c10 LIB0 LIB
1333215584few secs agomintMinteroutc50a095b....71a08a14999,999,999 LIB0 LIB
1333115583few secs agomintMinterout58409366....5805b779999,999,999 LIB0 LIB
1333015582few secs agomintMinterout0a91671b....5eb6e85f200 LIB0 LIB
1332915581few secs agomintMinterout0a91671b....5eb6e85f100 LIB0 LIB
1332815580few secs agomintMinterout58409366....5805b779999,999,999 LIB0 LIB
1332715579few secs agomintMinterout0a91671b....5eb6e85f28 LIB0 LIB
1332615578few secs agomintMinterout846fae3c....ef46f829100 LIB0 LIB
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1268 days 15 hrs agop2p3c26b491....5c99ead6inMinter18 LIB0 LIB