Developer APIs


The Testnet LibExplorer Developer APIs are provided as a free community service and without warranty for the Libra Blockchain. As the current network is still in the TESTNET phase, expect the API end-points and data to change over time. Also expect frequent network testnet resets as the network continues to evolve.

There is a (soft) limit of 5 API calls/sec/ip. Both GET/POST requests are supported for all endpoints with a maximum return limit of 1000 records per api call. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to get in touch with us.


Get Version By Number

(Note: status: 0 = Success, 1 = Fail. (Returns up to a maximum of the last 10000 transactions only))


Get Total Supply of Libra

(Result returned in microlibra, to get value in LIB divide resultAbove/1000000)